Gaming studio dedicated to creating games featuring innovative game loops

Amount of players during REVENGE's prototype playtest.

60 k

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We have leveraged the most successful game concepts from the last decade and integrated them with a disruptive spectator participation concept.

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Everreach Labs produces UGC, gaming and community content in a seamless ecosystem with a unified narrative. Backed by an award-winning team of AAA gaming industry veterans.

Our vision

Become the leading gaming studio bridging the gap between players and spectators with a new way to interact and share games. Rather than focusing solely on technological innovation or the quest to captivate a new audience, our design philosophy is centered on uniting diverse existing audiences.

We create a highly WATCHABLE and engaging platform that encourages positive interaction among participants, each experiencing the entertainment in unique ways.

Looking at the future, maybe a bit too intensely

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A Rich Ecosystem of Games is on it's way, starting with REVENGE, Everreach is poised to launch a series of groundbreaking titles that redefine player engagement and community interaction.


Our strength lies in the collective expertise of our team, partnerships, and backers. From AAA gaming veterans to blockchain innovators, each member brings unparalleled depth to our projects, dive deep in our past achievements.

  • 60,000 players in our 2023 REVENGE prototype launch
  • Achieved Top 5 Most Played Games Status with 200,000 Game Sessions


We are excited to share that PolyLand Studios has undergone a significant transformation and is now called Everreach Labs. This rebranding represents our broader vision and commitment to creating a gaming universe that is not only played but also lived.

  • What is coming next ?

    APRIL 2024
  • Past Achievements

    APRIL 2024
  • A New Beginning

    APRIL 2024



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FPS Platform: PC
The 1st FPS PVE game connecting spectators with players. Learn more

The Everreach

Social Platform: PC
A dynamic platfrom for players serving as the central hub of our gaming universe Coming soon